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Surprise? Yeah, to me, too!

I'm still here to tell about it all! Imagine my surprise when I woke up this morning (after a solid day of boring and humiliating lock-in) to find my new laptop once again restored to it's proper place! And attached to it was this note...:

   No harm, no foul, little Quinn. Big Brother no longer watches. Use it wisely! 
         Miss you!
                   -- Shelly
       P.S: Moose misses you, too! The computer is from me...but the cookies are from him!

Suffice to say the cookies (lemon and vanilla frosting!) are long gone, but the computer still remains! I don't know what kind of strings Shelly and Moose must have pulled to get me this precious treasure, but I am very greatful. I can continue as I was before...and finally tell you what's going on around here in this literal mad house!

But not right now. 

Right now...jayisgames.com calls my name!


Quinn Dean

Big Brother...

In case things aren't hard enough around here, new management (yes, you heard me correctly!!) has passed a Holier Than Thou rule which decrees that, effective immediately, all "dangerous" patients be put in lock down. Without expection.

I haven't ever been taught much in regard to basic human rights...but this seems to step over a few lines. Doesn't it? Moose told me not to worry about it, and especially not to post it here, now that every move we make around here is being watched...but I don't really care WHAT that nasty woman says about the conduct and "systematic flow" of this organization...I am NOT going to be locked up in my room forever just because every now and then Annoying Side takes over and makes a mess or two. (I swear, I wish I *had* managed to throw that chair a little more to the left last time she and was here...purposefully upsetting me, too!)

Dr. Warren is powerless against her...he says. If you ask me, that evil man is just playing along with her until he can get his cut of the profits...whatever the profits of such an action might be.

At least a dozen of us, starting tomorrow, will be locked in our rooms for the "sake of the others". Jacob and I are among those labeled dangerous...but I suppose Jacob is used to being locked away. Jay is frantic because she's being left behind. I spent much of my morning trying to ease her mind...but all the while I was green with envy that she would still be free to access the building.

I'm telling you all this, regardless of the bitter tone used, because I just know that my access to the outside world will also be severed by this new rule. I guess I just feel that if I am, in fact, never to speak to the world again (even the small world I once knew...) I should go out with a bang!

And to think...all of this because I (Jay helped...) just "found" (and copied...) some useless papers! 

Happy Birthday to me!

Sorry, gang! I realize that I haven't been a very good journal keeper...I want to explain why, but now really isn't the time.

Suffice to say that I am posting from my very own (and very once-used)computer...in my ROOM! How's that for a birthday present?

Unfortunately, this nice development is preoceeded by a lot of...uhm...not so nice ones. I'm absolutely forbidden to talk about it, and these new filters on the asylum system will make sure that I stay quiet. It's a bit of a pain. Already I've been blocked from a lot of news websites I used to frequent. Because of that, I am once more out of the loop. Some one HAS to tell me...who is the father of Anna Nicole's baby?! (Just kidding. I mostly read the political news...when it doesn't put me to sleep. Or make me want to cry.)

Well, Moose is starting to get antsy. Another new rule...a thirty minute Internet time limit. And I've already wasted it on www.jayisgames.com. Whoopsie.

See you! I promise I'll come back again...and explain what I am allowed.


Quinn Dean



Remember when I left saying that I wanted to dig deeper? Well, scratch that. I don't want to know. I don't want to know whats going on here at all. Because it has something to do with me, and this voice that keeps building up in my head, and if it has anything to do with...it...then I'd rather stay alone and clueless.

For years, that other me has been quiet, only appearing to those around me in times of stress or panic. Last night, I was certainly full of panic! But rather than experience a fit of any kind...I felt it. Her.

I was in my quarters at the time, reading a comic book (what? Comics help me unwind!), but really pondering over Jay and my "PLAN". But then my hands started to tremble a little, and I experienced that creepy chill (you know what I mean...everyone gets them from time to time), like someone just walked over my grave, as the saying goes.

This deep roar was building in my head, making me wince and want to cover my ears, even though I knew that wouldn't help. The sound wasn't outside of me. It was inside, struggling to form itself into something...words, maybe. A message. But then Moose said my name, worried at my sudden reaction, I suppose, and it all just disappeared with a strangled gasp.

She was trying to speak to me. Me! That's never happened before. I never...I didn't even think it was possible. But I know it was her. She was so loud...and...familiar, somehow. I guess that's what happens...when you...when you share a body...?

I didn't take one of my pills this morning. I accidentlly dropped it, and didn't want to get scolded...so I just left it there and moved on. It was a dumb move, and not something I would normally have done. I was just feeling cranky this morning, I guess. Out of sorts.

Is that why? Are my medications trying to keep me from something in myself? ...Have I watched too many old spy movies? Maybe. Maybe I'm just paranoid. Maybe it was nothing but a strange result of Mess Hall food.

I'm sure that's it. It's nothing. There's nothing wrong with me. I'm nothing special.

...But maybe I should...maybe I should talk to someone, anyway.

Signing Out-

Quinn Dean


Its been brought to my attention (I sound so professional!) that I mentioned there being some new inspectors coming in just before I went "A.W.O.L" on you.

Just in case anyone is curious (I am!), it seems that the word in the grapevine is that two men were asking Dr. Warren a lot of questions. They were in his office for over five hours! We even missed several sessions, his role as Doctor being filled in by Dr. Burrow (Jay's Doc. He's much nicer...and cuter!....than Doc Warren).

In the end, they all left on very nice terms, they say, but Dr. Warren was looking a little sour as the men drove off. Something is up, and I'm worried that the Asylum could be in trouble.

I have to protect my home. Jay keeps saying we need to dig deeper. She keeps saying its the "order of things". Jay never makes any sense at all...but she might have a point this time.

What's keeping me from learning more? I have a right to know, right? It's my life...my family...at stake.

The question is:
Where will I find the courage?

Signing Out-
Quinn Dean

Long time, No see.

It's my fault, of course. I should know better than to leave everyone hanging like that, but prorities often come back and bite me, and for a while there, getting my education stuff in line and certain other objectives have kept me out of commision.

Someone emailed me the other day and told me I should let Moose write more. I don't really find that offensive, seeing as I've been around with him long enough to know that he much more entertaining (and goofy...) than I. I suggested to Moose that he get his OWN Journal and stop stealing my limelight.

Not surprisingly, he didn't respond. But don't be surprised if a new user with a name like USA_4_The_Win or something equally annoying comes around. He likes the attention.

There isn't time to tell you all whats going on here in great detail. Jacob's in some big trouble...people from the outside keep coming in for inspections, and its all getting very...questionable. Jay and I have talked, and we've decided that it's time to get out of the dark.

We need to find a safe way of snooping around without detection.

Any ideas?

Signing Out -
Quinn Dean



An Authoress would like to apologize for the lack of posting lately. Firstly life got in the way and now I follow in Quinn's footsteps and am very ill.

Posting will resume when I can stand up with out falling back down again.

-- Me


I'm Baaack!

Hi gang, its me (Quinn!) again!

I'm sorry its been such a long time since anyone last heard from me. As you all know, I was really sick (I'm never eating tuna again!) and I've also been forbidden from getting up until now. I was really healthy Thursday, for the record, but I had to stay put while they got my medications all re-sorted out. A lot of my pills have to be adjusted when I'm feverish and stuff, you know? Now that I'm back on my usual doses and brands, I'm still feeling kinda peakish (don't tell Moose!!!)

But enough about that, I'm sick and tired of talking about being sick and tired, and I bet you all are, too!

Anyway, as far as whats been happening around here...I actually have a lot to report!:

1) Jacob (one of my tranq-ed buddies...I think I've mentioned him before) was put into isolation today. It isn't the first time, but this time was a little odd on the part of the staff. It seems to me that Jacob wasn't doing anything at all wrong (for once) and yet there he was, eating dinner placidly and suddenly down upon him came a lot of Dr. Warren's goons. No word yet on how long *this* isolation is supposed to be...but I'm willing to bet no one will see him for a few days. Jay is worried sick (as "worried" as she ever gets. I've never met anyone so stubbornly neutral before.)

2) A report came over the intercom today during breakfast that Ms. Charleston (the Inspector woman from Hell, as previously mentioned) is expected next week. Blech! Last thing we need! Fortunately (or unfortunately), it seems that she will be Inspecting the Staff and not the residents. Poor Moose (and Shelly)!

3) I beat Moose at Chess today. Twice. He owes me a chocolate bar and half a pack of sour gummy worms. Next time, we play poker...and he'll likely win it all back. He likes to say that being in the military teaches you a lot of card games. I don't particularly understand that...but I figure that since we are a Military Operation anyway, we might as well be learning some card games, too! (That and I really dont want to loose my gummy worms...)

Well, that's really I have to offer right now.


Signing Out-
Quinn Dean

Moose Again.

I apologize for the utter lateness of this posting, and I hope that Quinn forgives me for it, considering that the cause of my absence is the necessity of sitting beside her and keeping her out of trouble. The redheaded rascal is getting better, as it indicative of her absolute and annoying need to get up and wander, despite Shelly's protests.

I finally just put Jacob and Jay on her so as to give me a bit of a rest, and a chance to update on this thing for the squirt's sake.

I don't have a lot in particular to speak of, because none of you took the time to post any interesting questions. I have to admit I was little disappointed. I thought for sure that I'd be cool enough to warrant at least the standard "OMGZ, you are in the military?" comment.

So, since there is little to say, I suppose I will just have to continue on with my threat. Now you have to read something you probably wouldn't even care about. Ha. I win.

The topic of today, class, is Mess Hall Food. It's a popular topic in this particular building because it was finally determined today that food poisoning is what laid out Quinn and half of the staff and other intermediate ward residents. The decided culprit was the tuna casserole, if anyone cares to know. Personally.....I don't touch anything that never breathed common air. Symptoms included vomiting, fever, and utter choas as most of the staff was also knocked out by it and had to take leave and go home. So far the casualty count is up to five broken chairs, sixty trashed pillows, and seven missing bottles of painkillers.

So, now you know what's going on. (See how its possible to tell people things with out giving away important secret information, little Quinn?)

Yea, so.....

Quinn should return A.S.A.P, provided she doesn't mysterious go A.W.O.L today and get her butt put into a time out.

- Richard "Moose" Rodriguez

Hello...my name is Moose.

Well, hello "outside world." As I'm sure you've all figured by now, I'm Richard (Moose). Of Quinn's Journal fame, apparently. I had no idea that the squirt wrote about me so frequently.....not to mention everything else she's been writing to perfect strangers. We might need to have a teeny talk about Security and secrets, her and I.

Don’t sweat it, I've only taken over Quinn's journal temporarily as she is feeling very sick and was put in the Infirmary early this morning. She’s not in any particular danger, just a weird strain of Flu or something- don’t ask me, I’m no doctor- and the first thing she worries about, go figure, is letting "the world" know she’ll be back soon.....so here I am. Letting you know.

Uh, basically I was told I should ask you guys to ask questions. About Quinn and Me and stuff relating. But I'll make it clear right here and now that I'm only doing this because she asked me, and I'm not nearly so loose lipped as the critter, so don't even try to get past me with your "Ooh, that's so cool...now tell me Top Secret things!" tactics. Yea.

So.....ask away. I'll be at the computer about the same time as Quinn normally is (except I'll be on my laptop, if you care to know) and I'll probably be in charge of her journal for the next few days as what-ever-the-hell she's got is pretty bad and she'll be out of it for an age, knowing her immune system.

So, civilian prey, got any questions for the Moose? I guess…. if you don’t…. I’ll just have to fill in the blank time with a lot of really awful stuff you don’t care to read, right? Just so we’re clear…yea that was a threat. Hey, I like comments just as much as a certain redheaded mental patient, you know.

Bring it on.

- Richard “Moose” Rodriguez



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